News and Updates

SEPTEMBER 2020: On the #ScholarStrike for Racial Justice at Emory, see Emory Wheel article here.

JULY 2020: My 2016 article on Kant’s political philosophy was highlighted in a special virtual issue of Kantian Review, entitled, Kantian Thinking in a Time of Crisis, and is free through August 2020. This virtual issue curates six recent and previously published articles that show the continuing relevance of Kantian thinking in a time of current uprisings around the U.S. and the COVID-19 pandemic. Read my reframing of the argument of this article as well as the Editors’ Introduction to the special issue and access the article here.

JUNE 2020: A translation of Charles W. Mills’s The Racial Contract just came out in Turkish – with my Foreword on the role of race in social and political philosophy in Turkey. I also helped to edit the impeccable translation for its philosophical concepts. Check out Irksal Sözleşme here.

JUNE 2020: Read my review of Anjana Raghavan’s brilliant book, Towards Corporeal Cosmopolitanism: Performing Decolonial Solidarities at Hypatia Reviews Online here.

 MAY 2020: I gave a Zoom Book Talk at my alma-mater, Boğaziçi University. Many of my former professors were in attendance and I made them proud! {This talk was re-scheduled for Zoom due to COVID-19}.

 MARCH 2020: A review of my book, written by Paul T. Wilford, came out in The Review of Metaphysics 73/3: 612-614. Here is an excerpt: “[Huseyinzadegan] uncovers resources in Kant’s political writings that could serve to reorient contemporary political theory away from the stale debates between ethics-first idealism and pragmatic realism by illustrating how political philosophy can employ ‘pictures of the whole of history, human nature, culture, or the world,’ even while recognizing that such totalizing pictures are hypothetical postulations.”

 JANUARY 2020: I have been elected to serve as an Associate Editor for Hypatia: A Journal of Feminist Philosophy.

 NOVEMBER 2019: As a Faculty-in-Residence and a First-Generation College student/graduate myself, on November 9, I joined the celebration of National First-Gen Day at Emory with students, faculty, and staff: More news here.

 OCTOBER 2019: Here is me talking about my first book with Sarah Tyson on New Books in Philosophy Podcast: Listen to the Podcast Episode here.

SEPTEMBER 2019: I have been granted tenure at Emory University, so I am an Associate Professor of Philosophy, as of September 1, 2019.

 JULY 2019: Here is an Review of my first book, Kant’s Nonideal Theory of Politics: Read Review here.

JUNE 2019: Here is me talking about my first book, Kant’s Nonideal Theory of Politics with Jeffrey Church on Political Theory Review Podcast: Listen to Podcast Episode here. 

MAY 2019: My first book, Kant’s Nonideal Theory of Politics (Northwestern University Press) is OUT!!! Use discount code “NUP19,” here. 

SEPTEMBER 2018: I talk about my P.E.A.C.E. (Political, Ethical, Academic Community Experience) Living Learning Community that revolves around gaining social and political literacy, here.

FEBRUARY 2018: I was a judge and also delivered the closing keynote address at the 19th Annual South Appalachian Undergraduate Conference at the University of North Carolina-Asheville. The title of my talk was “Is Kantian Feminism an Oxymoron?”