I teach a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses at Emory. At the undergraduate level, I have been regularly teaching Renaissance and Modern Philosophy (1400s-1800), lower- and upper-level courses on social and political philosophy, Kant, philosophy of race, intersectional feminism, mass incarceration in the U.S., and post- and decolonial thought. At the graduate level, I have been teaching seminars on feminism (especially of feminisms of color), and Kant’s works from various perspectives. Contextualist, continental/dialectical, and feminist orientations inform how I approach Kant, and contextual and nonideal methodologies are my guide as I read and teach feminist texts.

I also teach outside the traditional classroom space on issues concerning social and racial justice. For the past three years I have served as a Faculty-in-Residence at Emory’s Clairmont campus, leading a theme-hall named P.E.A.C.E (Political, Ethical, Academic Community Experience). Under this program, I have organized field trips to the National Center for Civil and Human Rights, Martin Luther King Center, Carter Center and Library, Harlem Theater of Dance performance and Trevor Noah Stand-up show, screenings of Black Panther: The Vanguard of Revolution documentary followed with Q&A With Dr. Kathleen Cleaver (Emory Law), Women’s March for Social Justice in Atlanta, March for Our Lives, roundtable discussions on current social political issues such as Islamophobia (with the head imam and a Koran scholar from Atlanta Masjid of Al-Islam) and Georgia Bill HB51 on Sexual Assault Survivors (with YWCA officials on public policy).

in 2018-19 Academic Year, this theme-hall will become a living learning community with a built-in undergraduate Philosophy course requirement, PHIL 497R “What is Freedom?”- a first at Emory.  More info here

For a complete teaching history, refer to my CV. Here is a selected list of courses that I have designed and taught at Emory University, DePaul University, Koç University, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and Sabanci University:

Graduate Seminars (2012 – 2018)

 Undergraduate Courses (2006-2018)